GT3 Asia Series (AC)

Sim Racer Indonesia (SRI) is pleased to announce a new partner, Sim Racing System (SRS)!

SRS is a free, fully automated online racing system for Assetto Corsa, rFactor 2 and Automobilista, that allows simracers from all across the globe to compete with each other.
The only requirements are: an account with first and last names at the SRS website and to own the racing sims and required expansion packs.

SRS admins were aware that asian users had high pings on their German servers, so they are launching servers in Asia region (Singapore) to ensure server quality.

This partnership will allow SRI users to have more racing options on more racing sims.

More info on upcoming events soon!

We advise SRI users to register with first and last names at the SRS website and install the Assetto Corsa app as soon as possible in order to attend the upcoming events.


Teamspeak server address:
Teamspeak server password: lupa

Teamspeak server provided by Indowebhost Kreasi