Race Test (2 Hours)

Race Test Result

Source: Link
Replay file: Link


4 Hours of Imola’s Race Test

This race is for all registered teams only.


Attention, specific rules:

  1. This event registration is free of charge.
  2. You must read, understand and agree to follow the general rules. Go to the link: Rules.
  3. The event is for Sim Racer Indonesia’s member, register yourself to be a member in this link.
  4. This race is for all registered teams only. If your team is not registered yet, go to: Link
  5. This is a single multiclass race event. Please choose your car wisely.
  6. You must have a teammate to join the race.
  7. You must know how to do “driver swap”. Every driver should not run more than 75%. Please practice driver swap.
  8. Your teammate should only be in the server as spectator maximum 3 laps before driver swap.
  9. You must use your real name in server. Use the name as it is registered.
  10. Remember, the type of start is Manual Rolling Start with double files. Green flag is on Start/Finish line. Pole position driver will lead the files at 80 km/h.
  11. Do not share the password to anyone.


Racing simulation platform: RFactor 2

Race Schedule:

Date: 16 October 2016
Practice session: 7PM (Jakarta time/GMT+7)

All class are allowed to enter the server.
Qualifying GTO Class (20 minutes): 8PM (Jakarta time/GMT+7)
Qualifying Group C Class (20 minutes): 8.20PM (Jakarta time/GMT+7)

Qualifying session of 2 class is in single session. Only starting drivers are allowed to enter the server during Qualfying session. All 2nd drivers must exit from the server.
GTO Class will do qualifying first in 20 minutes, and Group C will following. GTO class must exit from the track after 20 minutes session time, because Group C class will do qualifying. Steward will give a signs.
Warm up Session (15 minutes): 8.45PM (Jakarta time/GMT+7)

Only starting drivers are allowed to enter the server during Warm up session.

Race Session (2 Hours): 9PM (Jakarta time/GMT+7)


Track mod download link: Autodromo di Imola v1.2 by Senormen

Cars mod download links:

  1. Group C v0.96 by Mak Corp: Link, Skin Templates: Link
  2. Toyota Celica GTO v2.0 by Juergen Herrmann: Link, Skin Templates: Link

RFactor server name: !IWK_Retro_Multiclass
Password: (We will send the password via e-mail)

Server is provided by IndoWebhost Kreasi

Teamspeak server address:
Password: lupa

Live Timing: Link

Weather forecast: Link

Simulated race time: 10AM-12AM



IndoWebhost Kreasi



HM Engineering

Media Partners:





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