Hillclimb 2017 (rF2)


*Incident report deadline submission: 2PM GMT, 1 day after race


  1. A driver only have 1 chance/run in Run Session.
  2. Run Session held on in-game Qualifying Session. Length of session. length of the session will be adjusted to the number of participants and the length of the track.
  3. Driver’s run queue based on Qualification’s result. Faster driver will run first. Track pits is limited, only 5 Driver (may vary, based on track pits number) are allowed to stay in a Run Session, a driver must stay in the server until Run Session ended. Steward will announce the drivers who will have his/her turn through in-game chat. Failed to do run on time means DNF. Other drivers queuing outside server must monitor the Run Session on Live Timing or Live streaming video. Steward will wait until 5 minutes after a session started. Failed to attend the Run Session means DNF.
  4. Interval between drivers run is 1 minute. If a driver catched up by other behind, he/she must give room the driver behind to pass safely. A driver failed to give a room safely for being passed, will be -5 points penalized. (2 minutes interval for Transfagarasan and Targa Florio).
  5. Disconnected from server means DNF.
  6. A driver’s car get heavily damaged/crashed, stuck, and catched up by 2 drivers behind means DNF, must leave the track and server immediately.
  7. Type of start is standing, a driver must do a complete stop at starting line. Stewards will determine where the start line.
  8. A driver is not allowed to change the car, its mandatory using the same car in all rounds, on Practice Session and Run Session. For those who do not comply with these rules, will be disqualified. (DQ) and/or banned.
  9. If there are changes to the rules/regulation, the stewards will immediately announce it.
  10. If you have any questions regarding the event, please contact the steward through this link: Contact.


A. Practice Session, set your fastest time on server anytime. Deadline: 3PM GMT/UTC+0, just right before Run Session started. If you do not finish (DNF) in Run Session, the points will not be added.


B. Run Session Point System (no DNF)

35, 30, 26, 24, 22, 20, 18, 16, 14, 12, 10, 8, 6, 4, 2, 2, 2, 2, 2, 2, 2, 2, 2, 2, …

C. Points reward for Driver Award 2017

Top ten fastest drivers in Practice Session, weighing 1 hours participation (2 points).

Completed in the Run Session (Finished/No DNF), weighing 4 hours participation (8 points).


1. ZOTAC “10th Anniversary” T-Shirt (size: XL)+ Logitech Snapback G + Logitech G-band
2. ZOTAC “10th Anniversary” T-Shirt (size: XL)+ Logitech Snapback G + Logitech G-band
3. ZOTAC “10th Anniversary” T-Shirt (size: XL)Logitech G-band
4. Logitech Snapback G + Logitech G-band
5. Logitech Snapback G + Logitech G-band

We will announce when there is an additional prize.

kaos zotac     topi_band_logitech


Server name: !IWK_(Event Name)
Server password: (We will send the password by e-mail)
Server provider: IndoWebhost Kreasi

Teamspeak Server Address:
Teamspeak Server Password: lupa





If you can’t see the table, open the website on PC or use another browser.


If you can’t see the table, open the website on PC or use another browser.



Driver Award 2017: Link

Team Award 2017: Link


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