In all Sim Racer Indonesia’s races you are expected to know basic racing rules and etiquette, most are just common sense. You must be a member of SRI by filling out this form: Link 

Basic Event Rules:

  1. This event registration is free of charge.
  2. In a multiclass or multi-vehicle, not allowed to change the car in one season. Maximum team drivers is 3 persons.
  3. In a team race (driver swap), a driver not allowed to do more than 70% of total laps, otherwise will be disqualified. Maximum driver is 3 persons.
  4. You must use your real name in server. Use the name as it is registered.
  5. Do not share the password to anyone.
  6. Strongly recommended to use SRI’s Teamspeak Server for race information and communication.
  7. Any change about the event, we will announce it by email.
  8. If the mods got updated, we will follow it.
  9. You can report any race incident. Incident report form: Link.
  10. Any Race Director/Stewards decision is final. Life is not easy sometimes.


Server name: !IWK_(Event Name)
Server password: (We will send the password by e-mail)
Server provider: IndoWebhost Kreasi

Teamspeak server address:
Teamspeak server password: lupa

Live Timing: Link

Live Video Streaming:  Sim Racer Indonesia Facebook Page   or   Sim Racer Indonesia Youtube Channel


Race restart

  1. The race will be restarted if 50% of the field retires on the first lap.
  2. The race will be restarted/re-scheduled if the server is crashed/down.

Pit stop

  1. All drivers must serve at least one compulsary pitstop.
  2. When exiting the pitlane and rejoin the track, the drivers must drive within the white (or yellow) line.

Full Course Yellow (Safety Car)

  1. When the order is given to deploy the safety car the message “FULL COURSE YELLOW” will be displayed on the monitors and all marshal’s posts will display waved yellow flags for the duration of the intervention.
  2. No car may be driven unnecessarily slowly, erratically or in a manner which could be deemed potentially dangerous to other drivers or any other person at any time whilst the safety car is deployed. This will apply whether any such car is being driven on the track, the pit entry or the pit lane.
  3. The safety car will join the track with its orange lights illuminated and will do so regardless of where the race leader is.
  4. All competing cars must reduce speed and form up in line behind the safety car no more than ten car lengths apart.
  5. No driver may overtake another car on the track, including the safety car, until he passes the start/finish line for the first time when the safety car is returning to the pits.
  6. If the safety car is still deployed at the beginning of the last lap, or is deployed during the last lap, it will enter the pit lane at the end of the lap and the cars will take the chequered flag as normal without overtaking.

Red flag

  1. The Red Flag will only be thrown if the server having a serious issue (or crash) that compromise the server connection.
  2. The race will be resumed or restarted (depending the number of laps completed) will be announced by the race steward 10 minutes before the start.


Cars having covered less than 75% of the number of laps covered by the winner (rounded down to the nearest whole number of laps), will not be classified.


  1. Car that lost its front or/and rear wing, must go to its pit (Black and Orange flag rules).
  2. Car that had substantial damage must return to its pit, reducing speed in the process and be ready to give way to the faster cars.

Server ettiquettes

  1. The In-Game chat must NOT be used during the timed Qualification and Race sessions. Only private messages (whisper) are allowed.
  2. When in doubt (especially when you joining in the middle of Q1/Q2) use whisper! (Whisper format: “/w )
  3. Drivers using the In-Game chat during qualifying will be forced to start from pit. Drivers using the In-Game chat during the race will receive a 20 seconds post-race penalty. This penalty is liable to be increased if the offence is repeated.
  4. Drivers that using a swear words in aggresive manner and/or creating a hostile environment in server could be punished with a permanent ban!


  1. Flag rule. We do not have a live marshal for our event and thus rely on Rfactor 2’s in built marshal system to oversee our online activity. All racing flag rules including yellow flag and blue flag rules must be observed and subsequent penalties served.
  2. Track boundary. Drivers cars must maintain two wheels inside the track boundary at all times. Failure to do so will result in a 2 wheel rule infraction. Evidence of multiple 2 wheel rule infringements will result in penalties, point deductions or exclusion.
  3. Pit Speed Limits. Pit speed limits apply, all cars are equipped with pit lane limiters.
  4. Pit entry/exit. Most circuits at pit-exit have a light tree with green, red, and blue lights. The blue lights, when flashing, indicate that there is a car coming up the start/finish straight at full speed. This is your indication as a driver to take extra care when re-entering the racetrack. In an accident involving a car exiting the pits, the exiting car will be deemed at fault if it crosses the white line marking an extension of the pit lane onto the track proper. Any incident involving a car re-entering the race from the pits will be considered a violation of Rule A5 and will invite penalty.
  5. Drivers must make sure the track is completely clear before re-entering the track or the racing line after recovering from a spin or otherwise losing control of their car to such a degree as to significantly reduce their racing speed. This includes, but is not limited to: half-spins; running wide into the grass; or temporarily losing control of the car over kerbs. In any accident involving cars re-joining the race, the re-joining car will be deemed at fault.
  6. Car lights. Car headlights must be left off unless required by night racing or as detailed in rule A9. Lights can have negative effects on some user’s frame rate. It might be OK on your system but other members may be made to suffer if you use headlights for no reason.
  7. Blocked track or stopped in dangerous place. If a car is involved in an incident and cannot safely recover itself off the racing line or back to the track safely within 30 seconds then the driver is expected to quit to pits and DNF.
  8. Qualifying takes place as an open session with unlimited laps within the event defined qualifying length.
  9. Traffic – Drivers emerging from the pits on out laps must be mindful of other driver on hot laps and not impede their progress. Drivers on hot laps may use their headlights to warn slower cars in qualifying sessions. However unless the slow car is on an out or in lap, there is no obligation for that car to abort its own qualifying lap in order to allow the faster car past. It is the faster cars responsibility to pass safely.


  1. No deliberate knocks or crashes.
  2. No blocking of cars that are over-lapping you.
  3. No abuse of any members will be tolerated.
  4. Fair and proper racing to be driven every time you are online.
  5. Proper care and respect is to be shown at all times to all members.
  6. No team driving to help others unless it’s a team race.
  7. Members should be courteous and respectful to other fellow members at all times during league activities and its various discussion forums.
  8. Racism, ageism or any other kind of “ism” or discrimination will not be tolerated. Members displaying these traits will not be welcome to continue in our community.
  9. Sportsmanship. It is a simulation and a hobby that some take very seriously, but also some do for enjoyment and fun (ultimately the focus of our league). However real world livelihoods and reputations are not at stake here. Treat others sportingly and own up to mistakes and errors. Apologize for incidents you cause.
  10. Participation implies knowledge of the rules and consent to follow them. Dangerous driving, persistent unrealistic driving or flagrant abuse of the rules can result in time penalties, disqualification, race bans and exclusion from the competition. Generally we prefer to warn drivers before taking serious action, but we do intend to enforce them.
  11. You can only ESC/return to pit if your car fully stopped. Do not stopped on track.


When you are attempting to overtake you are the one responsible for avoiding contact (while they are legally holding there line), so if you have any doubt then back out, it’s not worth throwing yours and their race away.

  1. “Redzone” turn one rule. Many leagues have a no passing rule or lap one rule for the first turn. We only have one rule for turn one on lap rule which is “don’t be a prick and ruin somebody’s race” That means passing is permitted but must be done with care and consideration. To help police this we specify a redzone are which is applicable on lap one of each race. Redzone will expand from start to a specified track point as defined in the event information. Contact causing a competitor a disadvantage within this zone will not be acceptable and attract severe penalty with repeat offenders banned.
  2. When trying to protect your position you can only move once to defend your position when approaching a corner. (Swerving on straights is not acceptable).
  3. While passing on the inside line when approaching a corner you must have at least a half car overlap before you enter your breaking position, if not back out.
  4. Should you be shown the blue, you will yield to the following vehicle at the next safest point. But it is still up the passing car to make the pass, hold your line. A slight lift on the throttle once the passing vehicle has moved out to pass is all that is required.
  5. If you are attempting to pass on the outside around a corner you must be at least evenly alongside the car you are overtaking, otherwise you have no right being there and you must back off and give the racing line back.
  6. When re-entering a track from pit lane or after an excursion it is your responsibility to avoid other cars.
  7. Deliberate corner cutting, or using a part of a track run off, or pit area that is not intended to be part of the race track will be deemed to be ‘Gaining an Unfair Advantage’ and you may be Penalized or DSQ. (2 wheels must always remain on the racing track surface, you must).
  8. When making a pass or being passed, ensure that you allow racing room for both drivers to compete fairly.
  9. Any collisions large or small will incur the following penalties.
  10. When there is any sort of collision, whether it is minor or major both drivers must acknowledge it with each other, and take the following appropriate action.
  11. Do not chat during Qualifying and Race Session.
  12. Contact. Blatant contact/rubbing/bumping is not permitted. In touring cars we accept some contact can occur in close racing but deliberate contact to take a position is not acceptable and will be penalized under the Race stewards rules detailed in section D. Drivers who punt an opponent stand a much better chance of avoiding penalty if they wait for the other car to retake its position. The salient point that will be judged upon is that no one should take some one’s place illegally. If you are at fault for a punt or competitor spinning out, it is your responsibility to stop and wait for that driver to regain the track. Failure to do so will invite penalty by the stewards panel.
  13. It is each driver’s responsibility to drive cleanly whatever the situation. If you can’t stay on the track (whether through car damage, computer, connection ,or controller problems) then you are a safety hazard and should park your car and press the ESC key to jump to the pit.
  14. Race Re-join

Race Rejoin is an RFactor 2’s feature that lets you re-join a race should you disconnected (DC) from the server.
When Race Re-join Works:

  • Your computer has a BSOD/RFactor 2 crashes.
  • Your internet disconnects you from the server.

When Race Rejoin Will Not Work:

  • If you escape back to the pits for any reason during the race.

How to reconnect via Race Re-join:

  • Start up RFactor 2 Multiplayer from scratch.
  • Ensure you have spectator mode set to Off.
  • Join server as normal.
  • Load Setup.
  • Click Race.
  • Important if is is night time: Make sure you turn your lights on immediately and before you move or you will be instantly disqualified!

Special Notes:

  • Your car will be in the condition it was before your disconnect i.e. if you had damage it will still be there.
  • You will lose at least 1 lap automatically for re-joining plus any time lost reconnecting to the server.
  • You may not appear immediately for drivers on track, try staying out of the way until its verified drivers can see you.
  • If you rejoin and your lap count gets reset due to some glitch, an admin will add the laps you completed back on. We will NOT be giving cars laps that they did not complete, for example if you disconnect when you were on the lead lap before we will not put you back on the lead lap.

D. PENALTIES (Incident/collision/crash)

  1. No Position Changes or Car Damage. Penalty: None.
  2. Position change. Penalty: Redress the Position(s) Gained, No Redress -5 Points Penalty. (and/or 30 seconds addition).
  3. A Position is made by corner cutting or corner extending. Penalty: Redress the Position(s) Gained, No Redress -5 Points Penalty (and/or 30 seconds addition).
  4. Multiple position changes. Penalty: Redress Open to -5 Points Penalty, No Redress -10 Points Penalty (and/or 30 seconds addition).
  5. Damage to the offended car (offended car can continue but is loosing at least 1+ seconds per lap). Penalty: Redress, Open to -5 Points Penalty, No Redress -10 Points Penalty (and/or 30 seconds addition).
  6. If you take someone out and they cannot continue. Penalty: -10 Points Penalty. (and/or 30 seconds addition).
  7. If you take someone out for a 2nd time in the same round and they cannot continue. Penalty: DSQ, no points for that whole round. (You may be suspended from racing). (and/or 60 seconds addition).
  8. When re-entering the track after coming off or from pits and you hit another car. The appropriate penalty from above will be used.
  9. If any of the above rules are broken the administration have the right to remove you from the server if they feel it was a deliberate act. Further action may be taken at a later date if administration deems it to be a serious enough breech of rules.
  10. In the event of somebody who thinks they have been unfairly treated on or off the racetrack they can send an incident report.
  11. Do not chat during Qualifying and Race Session. Penalty: -5 points (and/or 30 seconds addition).


An Incident Report can be submitted if the above rules have been breached.

Incident report form: Link


Appeals to race control decisions can be made by sending a PM to one of the SRI Racing administrators. All appeals will be reviewed but decisions will only be revised if additional information is presented that may be of importance to the incident.


In Sim Racer Indonesia, we always welcome new competitors into our series, the more the better. Please remember that if you are new to our series or not a regular competitor that there will be other competitors that have been racing in this series from the start, and they will be fighting for valuable points to beat their closest rivals.

So we do ask if you could check the results before you start competing in our series so you can familiarise and remember the names of those who have been competing from or near the start of the series, and while you are racing to give them a bit more room than you would normally, where not saying you can’t race them but try to avoid any contact with them so there is no risk of you taking them out of a race and perhaps ruining their chances in the series.


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