The Champions of Formula Series 2016



The champions are:

1st Winner: Arwin Taruna (Vorteks Motorsport – Indonesia), Prize: 750K Cash Money.

2nd Winner: David Stejskal (Dasty Racing Team – Czech), Prize: 500K Cash Money.

3rd Winner: Edmund Wong (Hong Kong Sim Racing – Hong Kong), Prize: 350K Cash Money.

4th Winner: Luis Moreno (ANBU Racing – Philippines), Prize: 250K Cash Money.

5th Winner: Maks Bunevich (Ukraine Team – Ukraine), Prize: 150K Cash Money.

Logitech “G” T-Shirt winner: Harris Muhammad (HM Engineering – Indonesia) and Erick Chandra (Erick C Motorsport – Indonesia).


Money prizes sponsor: HM Engineering

Merchandise sponsor: Logitech


Thank you to all sponsors, spectators, and participants. See you in the next event!

Note: to all winners, send your paypal email account info to


Final Standings:



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