Hadytama Won The Hillclimb 2017

Targa Florio couldn’t stop Muhammad Rafi Hadytama, he finished 2 laps of Targa Florio (143,4 kilometers). He seized the crown of Sim Racer Indonesia’s Hillclimb 2017.

Congratulations for all winners!

Thank you for all participants, sponsors and viewers.


1st Winner


Muhammad Rafi Hadytama – Vorteks Simsport


2nd Winner


Maks Bunevich – HM Engineering


3rd Winner


Erick Chandra – ANBU Racing


4th Winner


Fadzli Jamil – Malaysian Simracers


5th Winner


Prawira Jalu – Scuderia Tavolo



1. ZOTAC “10th Anniversary” T-Shirt (size: XL)+ Logitech Snapback G + Logitech G-band
2. ZOTAC “10th Anniversary” T-Shirt (size: XL)+ Logitech Snapback G + Logitech G-band
3. ZOTAC “10th Anniversary” T-Shirt (size: XL) + Logitech G-band
4. Logitech Snapback G + Logitech G-band
5. Logitech Snapback G + Logitech G-band

Attention: The winner must send his postal address to simracerindonesia@gmail.com within 2 weeks to get the prize. Thank you.


Last Round Live Stream


Full Final Driver Standings

If you can’t see the table, open the website on PC or use another browser.

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