Sim Racer Indonesia – Meeting

Future plan of Sim Racer Indonesia.

Hillclimb? Why Not…

Coming soon... in Sim Racer Indonesia

Congratulations IMI!

The 111th Anniversary of Ikatan Motor Indonesia (Indonesian Automobiles and Motorcycle Organization/Association)

The New Sponsor: ZOTAC

Dear Stakeholder (members, sponsors, affiliates, partners, supporters, followers), We proudly announce, ZOTAC as a new official sponsor, supporting sim racing/e-motorsports environment managed by Sim Racer Indonesia. ZOTAC establishes itself as a brand that produces innovative products, and provides users with quality options for computing needs. Driven by their desire for cutting-edge innovation, they have accelerated their research and development to maintain at the … Continue reading The New Sponsor: ZOTAC

A New Championship… GT Series 2017

Sim Racer Indonesia's Official Event

The Champions of GT Series 2016

Sim Racer Indonesia's Official Event

R8 | GT Series 2016 | Nürburgring-Nordschleife (Rec. LIVE)

Sim Racer Indonesia's Official Event